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The Association is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism in the promotional marketing industry, representing the interests of client companies that use promotional marketing techniques and the agencies and suppliers that support them.

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Board Members

101Adam Crane
25Louise Hegarty
12Edel McCabe
162Neil Devlin
26Niamh O’Kennedy
161Róisín Field
24Richard Johnson
23Simon Betson
Adam Crane

APMC Position: Director
Company: TEQUILA\ Ireland Limited

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Louise Hegarty

APMC Position: Awards Director
Company: Irish International Proximity

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Edel McCabe

APMC Position: Finance Director
Company: Publicis D

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Neil Devlin

APMC Position: Education Director
Company: Mixtape Marketing

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Niamh O’Kennedy

APMC Position: Director
Company: Ogilvy One

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Róisín Field

APMC Position: Director
Company: Rothco Social +

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Richard Johnson

APMC Position: European Director
Company: Pulse Group

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Simon Betson

APMC Position: Chairman
Company: InSight Marketing & Brand Services

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